Use Cases

Search Fund

Example problem: Inefficient search for small business acquisition targets.

Current process: Network + manual search + business brokers.

Our solution: Scrape targeted search terms filtering acquisition targets by geography, size industry, etc

We help: Search funds, business brokers, small businesses.

Social Media Brand

Example problem: Laborious building of social following

Current process: Manual churning of accounts, hashtagging, growth hacking, influencer marketing, fake follower purchasing.

Our solution: Automated building of social following through targeted algorithm.

We help: D2C companies, content aggregators, lifestyle brands.

Consumer Marketplace

Example problem: Chicken egg problem fulfilling two-sided need of demand and supply.

Current process: Ad-spend targeting potential customers on supply side based on target demographic profile.

Our solution: Source tangible customer contact data.

We help: B2B marketplaces, B2C, marketplaces.

VC Fund

Example problem: Deal flow mostly reliant on network and inbound leads.

Current process:  Survey CrunchBase or AngelList, rely on network or inbound leads.

Our solution:  Build live keyword trigger tracking keywords, past founders, trending GitHub repositories.

We help: VC funds, angel investors.

Real Estate Investment Manager

Example problem: Lack of information when making buying or renting decisions.

Current process: Search for comps from real estate agents and/or manually search MLS or Zillow.

Our solution: Gather, compile, and compare real estate listing info, building an aggregated market view to optimize your purchasing activity, charge market rents, or predict trends.

We help: Real estate investment managers, landlords, AirBnb hosts.

Print Media

Example problem: Written output improperly perceived overly positively or negatively.

Current process: Measure feedback through reader polling.

Our solution: Measure feedback through quantifying written responses (ie comments).

We help: Online newspapers, blogs, internet forums.

Social Impact Non-Profit

Example problem: Confusing, slow, and inefficient public data resources.

Current process: Request data from government data sources or use antiquated .gov databanks.

Our solution: Find, cleanse, and tabulate data in any form needed.

We help: Public health companies, non-profits, endowments, foundations.

E-Commerce Shop

Example problem: Elastic pricing leads to being undercut by competitors. 

Current process: Manual monitoring of pricing changes.

Our solution:  Extract products properties from e-commerce websites to create price comparison engine, product aggregator, or lead competitive intelligence.

We help: D2C companies, boutique online shops.

References available upon request.

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